2005-12-21 mannerly voyager..
Needed diapers several minutes after our clerk went on duty at five-forty-five.
Did you know that diapers come in sizes
and are locked away in an airlines contingency supplies?
What are you trying to tell me?
All the stores in the airport were closed.
They open at seven oclock. So?
So someone in a hurry forgot something.
A lone woman with a five-year-old child and an infant were leaving Boston
on a private jet taking off on the runway nearest the Pan Am shuttle counters.
The clerk responded to the request and was personally thanked by the mother.
You see, hes a young father and understood about diaper sizes.
He brought three different packages..
For Gods sake, will you get to the point, Judge?

My name is Cristina Kaylor
and I have issues.